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The Mines and Below Set 1 contains 20 new tokens of figures and creatures that lurk within the wilds of the mines causing terror to the surrounding towns of your RPG campaign!


This set includes the following tokens: Agatha the Banshee, Ash Zombie, Bugbear, Cragmaw Goblin Boss, Cragmaw Goblin, Cragmaw Wolf, Ghoul, Giant Poisonous Snake, Glassstaff, Goblin Psi Brawler, Goblin Psi Commander, Hobgoblin, Klarg the Bugbear, Ogre, Reedbrand Bandit, Redbrand Ruffian, Quasit, Sildar Hallwinter, Ssarnak the Nothic, Tresendar Skeleton. 

The Mines and Below Set 1

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