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David has been using his passion for art to breathe life into games, comics and books. What draws him to game development and illustration the most is that people not only get to view his art, but they also get to interact with it whether on the screen or in their imaginations. Being a part of a team that evolves simple ideas into full and unique gaming experiences is what drives him to constantly learn and grow as an artist.


Gangfight Games, Busy Mind Collectibles, Feiwel And Friends, Portal Books, Bleau Press, Arcane Tinmen, Fish in the Pot, The Deal LLC, Bradan's World LLC, Chamomile Has Adventures, MJRRPG, Game Craftsmen, Galiant, Kerberos Productions, Game Smith Designs, Terrestrial Software, Overworld Digital Publishing,, Thorn Publishing, Cryptic Comet Inc., Mercenary Studios



Orrinyath's Guide to Dragons, The Traveler's Guide to the Darkwood, Traveler's Guide to Drachze, Chamomiles Guide to Everything, Better Backgrounds, A Chill in Abashiri, The Summoner's Handbook, The Summoner: Battle Mage, Gangfight: Universal Skirmish Rules, Warriors of Eternity, Characters, Warden: Nova Online, Occultist: Saga Online, The Mirror Realms of the Tempest, Petals and Thorns: Strangers in Ramshorn, Rune Crafter, The Prince Garrett Book Series, Cuttle, A Piney Mountain Holiday, The Monroeville Monster, Irregular Magazine issues 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10

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