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The Lost City Token Set brings you 20 new creature tokens of both friend and foe, all waiting within the forgtotten city hidden in the deserts of your RPG campaign.


This set includes the following tokens: Alchemost Oooze, Brotherhood of Gorm, Brown Dragon, Corrupture Ooze, Cult Fanatic of Zargon, Cultist of Zargon, Cynidicean Commoner 1, Cynidicean Commoner 2, Cynidicean Commoner 3, Devil Swine, High Priest of Zargon, Magi of Usamigaras, Necrotic Ooze, Thoul Necromage, Thoul, Troll Hound, Warrior Madien of Madarua, Wood Golem, and Zargon.

The Lost City Token Set

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