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The Chittering Horde contains 20 new creature tokens featuring the Ratfolk rumored to sneak in the sewers and dark alleyways of the grand cities across the lands. Some say they have been brewing some sort of strange toxin and plan to infect the waters in order to bring chaos to the citizens in your RPG campaign!


This set includes the following tokens: Rat Dragon, Ratfolk Alchemist, Ratfolk Chitterer, Ratfolk Elder, Ratfolk Hoarder, Ratfolk Mugger, Ratfolk Pox Blade, Ratfolk Pox Brute, Ratfolk Pox Fiend, Ratfolk Pox Mixer, Ratfolk Pox Spreader, Ratfolk Poxmancer, Ratfolk Raider, Ratfolk Shaman, Ratfolk Skirmisher, Ratfolk Swarm Caller, Ratfolk Tinkerer, Ratfolk Troubleshooter, War Rat, War Rat Mounter. 

The Chittering Horde

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