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Terrors of the North Set 4 brings 20 new creature tokens to lurk the lands of the frozen North and stalk unlucky adventurers who dare to traverse this harsh environment.


This set includes the following tokens:

Auril First Form, Auril Second Form, Auril Third Form, Bjornhild Solvigsdottir, Demos Magen, Galvan Magen, Grandolpha Muzgardt, Gunvald Halraggson, Hypnos Magen, Isarr Kronenstrom, Jarund Elkhardt, Kingsport, Living Bigby's Hand, Living Blade of Disaster, Living Demiplane, Mammoth, Saber Toothed Tiger, Snow Golem, Spitting Mimic, Tomb Trapper.




Terrors of the North Set 4

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