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Terrors of the North Set 1 features 20 new tokens to populate the towns and wilderness of the frozen North, where horror and mystery awaits!


This set includes the following tokens:

Avarice, Chiwnga, Cora Mulphoon, Dannika Graysteel, Duergar Hammerer, Duergar Mind Master, Frost Giant Skeleton, Grynsk Berylbore, Hlin Trollbane, Icewind Kobold Zombie, Icewind Kobold, Knucklehead Trout, Kobold Vampire Spawn, Nildar Sunblight, Polar Bear, Sephek, Kaltro, Sheriff Markham Southwell, Speaker Duvessa, Tali, Torrga.



Terrors of the North Set 1

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