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The Terror in Space Token Set features 20 new creature tokens of strange aliens, horrifying monstrosites and strange aberrations to infect the spaceships and stations of your RPG campaign.


This set includes the following tokens: Infected Crew 1, Infected Crew 2, Twisted Crew 1, Twisted Crew 2, Twisted Crew 3, Twisted Crew 4, Twisted Crew 5, Twisted Crew 6, Twisted Crew 7, Necrid Alien Hatchling, Necrid Alien Queen, Necrid Alien Warrior, Necrid Alien Lasher, Nectrid Egg, Necrid Fanatic, Necrid Parasite, Necrid Walker, Necrid Witch, Swarm of Necrid Parasites. 

Terror in Space Token Set

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