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Slithering Oozes and Slimes features 20 new creature tokens of some of the strangest and dangerous oozes, all ready to pounce and slowly digest any unlucky adventurers in your RPG campaign!


This set includes the following tokens: Acid Blob, Amoebic Crawler, Bone Ooze, Brown Pudding, Cesspit Ooze, Dagolar Ooze, Deathreap Ooze, Dense Pudding, Ethereal Ooze, Living Web, Plasmoid Mage, Plasmoid Rogue, Sewer Ooze, Shadow Slime, Stunjelly, Symbiotic Jelly, Tyrian Slime, Violet Slime, Void Ooze, Wriggly. 

Slithering Oozes and Slimes

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