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The Sci-Fi Adventure Set has everything you need to start your sci-fi campaign. This set includes Player, NPC,Creature, and Prop tokens as well as room tiles.


This set includes the following tokens:

Alien Creature, Alien Heavy Soldier, Alien Light Soldier, Alien Monster, Human Female Energy, Human Female Heavy, Human Female Light, Human Male Energy, Human Male Heavy, Human Male Light, Robot 1, Robot 2, Scifi Chest, Scifi Corner Tile, Scifi Crate, Scifi Hall Tile, Scifi Matrix, Scifi Power Core, Scifi Room Tile 1, Scifi Room Tile 2, Scifi Room Tile 3, Scifi Room Tile 4, Scifi Room Tile 5, Scifi Room Tile 6, Scifi Room Tile 7, Scifi Terminal, Scifi Transporter Pad. 



Scifi Adventure Set

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