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Horrid Ambitions contains 20 new creature tokens of the grand wizards, their familiars, and the distorted victims of their terrible experiments. Bring chaos, mayhem and horror to your RPG campaign in a way that only a group of maddened mages can!


This set includes the following tokens: Alurd the Destructive, Beholgoyle, Blood Ooze, Bloodling Familair, Crystalized Rage, Drughul the Feared, Elein the Curious, Hevor the Watchful, Homonculus Familair, Iria the Everyoung, Migia the Warper, Phase Weasel Familair, Pseudodragon Familair, Rage Imp Familiar, Smasher Unit, Snow Owl Familiar, The Grand Creation, Torcannon Familair, Triglamont the Ambitious, Warpling. 

Horrid Ambitions

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