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Heroes of the Realms Set 9 contains 20 new character tokens to represent the heroic inhabitants of your rpg campaign. Whether they represent your players, a revival adventuring party or even just mercenaries, these tokens are ready to add excitement to your RPG campaign!


This set includes the following tokens: Changeling Monk, Deep Gnome Wizard, Human Druid, Duergar Fighter, Dwarf Wizard, Elf Wizard, Genasi Warlock, Goblin Fighter, Goliath Druid, Goliath Ranger, Half Orc Warlock, Human Paladin, Human rogue, Kenku Wizard, Kobold Bard, Minotaur Paladin, Shifter Artificer, Tiefling Barbarian, Warforged Warlock, Drow Ranger. 

Heroes of the Realms Set 9

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