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Heroes of the Realms Set 6 features 20 new character tokens to act as player characters, mercenaries or even the many interesting NPCs that may inhabit the world of your RPG campaign.


This set includes the following tokens:

Aasimar Cleric Male, Aasimar Cleric Female, Dragonborn Fighter Male, Dragonborn Fighter Female, Dwarf Cleric Female, Dwarf Cleric Male, Elf Bard Female, Elf Bard Male, Half Orc Rogue Female, Half Orc Rogue Male, Halfling Barbarian Female,  Halfling Barbarian Male, Human Cleric Male, Human Cleric Female, Human Paladin Male, Human Paladin Female, Human Wizard Female, Human Wizard Male, Warforged Barabarin, Warforged Rogue.

Heroes of the Realms Set 6

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