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Heroes of the Realms Set 3 brings you 20 new tokens featuring a variety of playable races and classes to represent your players or heroic NPCs for your RPG campaign.


This set includes the following tokens:

Dragonborn Fighter Female, Dragonborn Fighter Male, Dwarf Fighter Female, Dwarf Fighter Male, Elf Druid Female, Elf Druid Male, Elf Rogue Female, Elf Rogue Male, Halfling Ranger Female, Halfling Ranger Male, Human Wizard Female, Human Wizard Male, Kenku Rogue Male, Kenku Rogue Female, Paladin Human Female, Paladin Human Male, Tabaxi Ranger Female, Tabaxi Ranger Male, Tiefling Warlock Female, iefling Warlock Male. 

Heroes of the Realms Set 3

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