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Fantasy NPC Token Set 3 gives you 20 more NPC tokens to populate your villages, act as valuable allies, or bring more life to less dangerous enemy encounters. Your players may love these tokens so much that they may wish to use them to represent their character!


This set includes the following tokens:

Alchemist Lizardfolk, Apprentice Wizard Male, Archer Elf Female, Champion Male, Commoner Dwarf Female, Commoner Elf Female, Commoner Halfling Male, Commoner Human Female, Commoner Human Male, Commoner Tiefling Female, Conjurer Genasi Female, Diviner Human Male, Enchanter Male, Illusionist Male, Martial Arts Adept, Master Thief, Noble Gnome Male, Swashbuckler Human Female, Thief Kenku, Veteran Dwarf Female. 

Fantasy NPC Token Set 3

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