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Draconic Forces Set 3 offers 20 new creature tokens featuring some of the strangest dragons, and the those that linger within their lairs.


This set includes the following tokens: Ancient Sea Serpent, Dracohydra, Dragonbone Golem, Dragonflesh Abomination, Dragonflesh Grafter, Dragonnel, Egg Hunter Adult, Egg Hunter Hatchling, Elder Brain Dragon, Eyedrake, Hoard Mimic, Hoard Scarab, Metallic Greaywyrm Brass, Metallic Greatwyrm Bronze, Metallic Greaywyrm Copper, Mettalic Greatywrm Gold, Mettalic Greatwyrm Silver, Metallic Peacekeeper, Metallic Warbler, Swarm of Hoard Scarabs.

Draconic Forces Set 3

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