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Draconic Forces Set 2 features 20 new creature tokens, including the Gem Dragons and their Greatwyrm forms, eager and ready to rule the skies in your RPG campaign!


This set includes the following tokens:

Amethyst Dragon, Ameythst Greatwyrm, Crystal Dragon, Crystal Greatwyrm, Deep Dragon, Draconic Shard, Dragon Blessed, Dragon Chosen, Dragon Speaker, Dragonblood Ooze, Dragonborn of Sardior, Emerlad Dragon, Emerald Greatwyrm, Gem Stalker, Moonstone Dragon, Moonstone Greatwyrm, Sapphire Dragon, Sapphire Greatwyrm, Topaz Dragon, Topaz Greatwyrm. 

Draconic Forces Set 2

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