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Creatures of the Underdark Set 3 features 20 new tokens ready to lurk in the shadowed depths of your RPG campaign!


This set includes the following tokens:

Acid Blob, Drow Arachnomancer, Drow Favored Consort, Drow House Captain, Drow Inquisitor, Drow Matron Mother, Drow Shadowblade, Duergar Despot, Duergar Kavalrachni, Duergar Screamer, Duergar Soulblade, Duergar Stone Guard, Duergar Warlord, Flareater, Ghorazagh, Myconid Adult, Peck, Shrieker, Violet Fungus, Adult Oblex. 

Creatures of the Underdark Set 3

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