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Creatures of the Multiverse is filled with 20 new creature tokens featuring travelers of the cosmos and haunting beings. Now the threats of multiple realms are ready to invade your RPG campaign!


Ths set includes the following tokens: Creanium Rat, Dolphin Delighter, Giff, Gith Gish, Gith KithTak, Gith Knight, Gith Supreme Commander, Gith Warrior, Gith Anarch, Gith Enlightened, Gith Monk, Gith Zerth, Nagpa, Shadar Kai Gloom Weaver, Shadar Kai Shadow Dancer, Shadar Kai Soul Monger, Shadow Mastiff Alpha, Skulk, Slithering Tracker, Swarm of Cranium Rats. 

Creatures of the Multiverse

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