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Creatures of the Horde Set 3 contains 20 new creature tokens featuring Kobolds, Troglodytes, Hobgoblins and the once thought to be extinct Pig Orcs who are all ready to wage war upon the kingdoms of your RPG campaign.


This set contains the following tokens: Hobgoblin Soldier, Hobgobline Archer, Hobgoblin Charger, Hobgoblin Marshal, Hobgoblin Warlord, Kobold Scout, Kobold Berserker, Kobold General, Kobold Warrior, Kobold King, Pig Orc Warrior, Pig Orc Spearman, Pig Orc Scout, Pig Orc Champion, Pig Orc Warlord, Troglodyte Warrior, Troglodyte Piercer, Troglodyte Hunter, Troglodyte War Speaker, Troglodyte Chief. 

Creatures of the Horde Set 3

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