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Creatures of the Horde Set 2 contains 20 new creature tokens featuring Goblins, Kobolds and Orcs to march into the fields of battle in your RPG campaign!


This set includes the following tokens:Bugbear Ranger, Bugbear Thug, Bugbear Tormentor,Goblin Alchemist, Goblin Archer, Goblin Commando, Goblin Dog Rider, Goblin Dog, Goblin Swarm, Mutant Goblin, Goblin Pyro, Goblin War Chanter, Goblin Warrior, Kobold Dragon Mage, Kobold Scout, Kobold Warrior, Orc Beserker, Orc Brute, Orc Warchief, Orc Warrior. 

Creatures of the Horde Set 2

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