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Creatures of the Horde 5 contains 20 new creature tokens featuring Orcs and their allies various clans who are ready to wage war in your RPG campaign.


This set includes the following tokens: Demonic Orc, Ogre Warlock, Orc Bandit Lord, Orc Banner Warrior, Orc Beastmaster, Orc Shieldrunner, Orc Carver, Orc Firetamer, Orc Cultist, Orc Elder Shaman, Orc Gladiator, Orc Warcaller, Orc Juggernaut, Orc Bandit, Orc Druid, Orc Veteran, Orc War God, Orc War Mount, Orc Warlord, Earth ELemental. 

Creatures of the Horde 5

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