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Creatures of the Astral Plane Set 1 includes 20 new creature tokens ready to set sail in the astral seas, or bring terror and destruction to those who dare to traverse them.


This set includes the following tokens: Aartuk Elder, Aartuk Priest, Aartuk Warrior, Astral Ef Artistocrat, Astral Elf Commander, Astral Elf Honor Guard, Astral Elf Priest, Astral Elf Warrior, Autognome, Chiwinga Astronaut, Dohwar, Eye Monger, Feyr, Gaj, Giff Shock Trooper, Giff Warlord, Jammer Leech, Murder Comet, Space Guppy, Space Mollymawk.

Creatures of the Astral Plane Set 1

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