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Bump in the Night Set 6 features 20 new tokens featuring some of the most feared and deadliest beings who are all ready to lurk and terrorize the shadowed realms of your RPG campaign!


This set includes the following tokens:

Alcio Metus, Ankhtepot, Chakuna, Dr. Viktra, Harkon Lukas, Hazlik, Isodle and Nepenthe, Ivan Dilisnya, Ivana Boritsi, Jacqueline Renier, Mara Silvra, Mother Lorinda, Pietra Van Riese, Ramya Vasavadan, Regan Halvhrest, Saidra D'Honaire, Strahd, Tsien Chiang, Vastion Halhvrest, Vladeska Drakov. 

Bump in the Night Set 6

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