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Bump in the Night Set 4 features 20 new creature tokens to lurk in the shadows, ready to haunt any adventurers that dare to linger too close to the mist hidden realms in your RPG campaign.


This set includes the following tokens:

Bodytaker Plant, Boneless, Brain in a Jar, Carrion Stalker, Carrionette, Death's Head Aberrant Form, Death's Head Gnashing Form, Death's Head Petrifying Form, Dullahan, Gallows Speaker, Gremishka, Jiangshi, Loup Garou, Necrichor, Nosferatu, Podling, Priest of Osybus, Relentless Slasher, Swarm of Gremishkas, Zombie Clot. 

Bump in the Night Set 4

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