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Another World Token Set 1 features 20 new creatures from a far and distant land, now ready to enter your RPG campaign!


This set includes the following tokens: Alyxian Aboleth, Alyxian the Absolved, Alyxian the Callous, Alyxian the Tormented, Alyxian the Dispossessed, Bristled Moorbounder, Corrupted Giant Shark, Death Embrace, Gloomstalker, Horizonback Tortoise, Light Devourer, Monastic High Curator, Monastic Infiltrator, Monastic Operative, Moorbounder, Occult Extollant, Occult Initiate, Occult Silvertongue, Scuttling Serpentmaw, and Swarm of Sorrowfish. 

Another World Token Set 1

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