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Adventure Kit 1 features detailed prop tokens from lootable items, to deadly traps for bringing your dungeon to life! 


This set includes the following 35 tokens: 

Acid Pit, Alchemy Table, Armor Stand, Barrels, Circle Column, Closed Large Chest, Closed Medium Chest, Closed Small Chest, Closed Trap Door, Deep Pit Trap, Difficult Terrain 1, Difficult Terrain 2, Difficult Terrain 3, Flame Jet Trap, Gold Pile, Ladder Up, Large Bookshelf, Lever Off, Lever On, Lit Statue, Opened Large Chest, Opened Medium Chest, Opened Small Chest, Opened Trapdoor, Rope Down, Rope Up, Sacks, Small Bookshelf, Spike Trap, Spore Cloud Trap, Square Column, Table with Map, Torch, Unlit Statue, Weapon Rack.

Adventure Kit 1

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