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The Crystalized Creatures token set brings you 20 creatures all malformed by strange magics that have begun to sweep over the lands of your RPG campaign!


This set includes the following tokens: Crystalized Behemoth, Crystalized Champion, Crystalized Elemental, Crystalized Fish, Crystalized Goblin, Crystalized Griffon, Crystalized Humanoid1, Crystalized Humanoid2, Crystalized Hydra, Crystalized Minotaur1, Crystalized Minotaur2, Crystalized Ooze, Crsyatlized Orc1, Crystalized Orc2, Crystalized Snakefolk, Crsyatlized Tabaxi1, Crystalized Tabaxi2, Crsytalized Lich, Crystalized Wolf, Crystalized Wyvern

Crystalized Creatures

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