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Creatures of the Astral Plane Set 2 is filled with 20 new creature tokens to represent some of the peoples and dangers adventurers may find during their travels within your RPG campaign.


This set includes the following tokens: Braxat, Brohg, Githyanki Buccaneer, Githyanki Star Seer, Githyanki Xenomancer, Hadozee Explorer, Hadozee Shipmate, Hadozee Warrior, Mercane, Neh-Thalggu, Neogi Hatchling Swarm, Neogi Pirate, Neogi Void Hunter, Plasmoid Boss, Plasmoid Explorer, Plasmoid Warrior, Psurlon Leader, Psurlon Ringer, Psurlon, Reigar. 

Creatures of the Astral Plane Set 2

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