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The Bump in the Night series continues with NPC Set 1. This set includes 20 new tokens featuring some of the poor souls and souless unfortunate enough to find themselves in the lands of darkness and horror in your RPG campaign!


This set includes the following tokens: Cyrus Belview, Zelraun Roaringhorn, Larissa Snowmane, Stanimir, Helga Ruvak, Devra Jassur, Ez, 'dAvenir, Doru, The Mage Mage of Baratok, Ratka, Ireena Kolyana, The Baron, Parriwimple, Jander Sunstar, Lyssa Von Vrovich, Ismark the Lesser, Lanniver Strayl, Savra Sunstar, Donavich, Damia.

Bump in the Night NPC Set 1

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